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Welcome to! is the Internet’s most well-known & established Wi-Fi Window Sticker website online. Wifi Stickers are extremely difficult to find (as you know) & our company specializes ONLY in perfectly designed Wifi Stickers-approximately 4×4 inches. Our wi-fi window decal design is very recognizable to your potential customers & unlike other stickers, they are not too big & not too small. In addition, our wifi window stickers are water proof and UV coated so they won’t fade in the sun. Most importantly, our wifi stickers stick on the INSIDE of the window to protect them from the elements & to avoid possible theft after hours.

Most customers want more than just one wifi decal, so for your convenience, we have put together discounts when ordering more than one wifi sticker & we don’t charge extra for shipping. Our shipping is a flat $3 whether you order just 1 wifi window sticker or 100. We ship internationally at NO extra charge.

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Wifi is accessible almost everywhere, so many businesses and places have adapted to placing these Wifi stickers visibly. It is important to when you use public Wifi of any kind that you keep your online data secure. Using cloud computing with is a great way to secure and educate yourself about internet threats and the new trends with online computing.

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